"From Texas High school coach's son to playing in the National Football League, I have the experience and passion to elevate the performance of players at all stages of the game of football."

When Jordan was in college, I was in middle school trying to do whatever I could to become the best athlete and player I could possibly be. When back home during breaks in college, Jordan would spend countless hours working with me on my footwork, route running, and hand eye coordination. I was never the biggest or the fastest, but what took my game to the next level was the ability to get in and out of breaks and consistently catch the football. It took a lot of repetition and attention to detail. I would usually call Jordan once a week to ask questions and pick his brain on all things football related. I was blessed to follow in my brothers footsteps, and start for the Texas Longhorns for 4 years. I left UT with the 3rd most receptions in school history, as well as 6th all time in career yards. I then went on to play for a year and a half in the NFL with the Arizona Cardinals. While in the NFL I was able to pick up valuable tips and techniques along the way from future hall of famer, Larry Fitzgerald that helped my game tremendously.


I know for a fact that having access to this elite instruction gave me a tremendous advantage over other players my age. Unfortunately for most aspiring young athletes, they don't have access to elite teaching like what I was fortunate enough to have. I have a passion for being that kind of resource for athletes looking to get an edge on their competition and develop into the best possible player they can be. Most, if not all, young athletes have a goal to play sports at the college and even professional level. With my experience as a college and professional athlete paired with my passion for developing athletes, I can help you to reach your goal.


Growing up as a Texas high school coach's son, I was around football from a very young age. Football quickly became my biggest passion and I always had a football in my hand from the time I could walk. I grew up idolizing my older brother who had graduated from Burnet High School where he shattered nearly every receiving record previously held in the history of Texas High School football. He went on to be a record breaking Wide Receiver for the Texas Longhorns as well, and will go down as arguably the best wide receiver in UT history.



"You can't learn a skill unless you are shown a skill. We don't just tell you how to do something, we SHOW you how to do it, by demonstrating".

multidirectional footwork

In almost every sport, especially football, good footwork is fundamental to an athletes success. It is one of the most valuable attributes you can have in order to gain an edge over your competition. Cone drills, speed ladder, and sport specific drills will allow you to take what you learn with Shipley Performance and transfer that to the field. Because athletes usually aren't running only in a straight line, we work to allow every athlete to improve their footwork and their ability to change direction as quickly as possible.

hand-eye coordination

Hand-eye coordination is extremely important for any sport where a ball is included. High repetitions allow us to train the athlete's mind and body to connect allowing the skill to become second nature to them. Every habit whether good or bad is built through repetition. I prefer to form good habits and muscle memory with solid fundamentals instead of having to break old habits to build good habits. One of our primary ways of building impressive hand eye coordination is through the implementation of catching tennis balls in many different ways.


Many players want to make a spectacular catch, but you don't have to make a crazy hard catch if you can create separation between you and the defender. I would much rather be wide open and catch an easy ball than have a defender hanging on my back trying to knock the ball loose. I have spent years trying to become the best route runner and I've seen first hand that those who run crisp routes have a much higher chance of catching the ball than those who are slower getting in and out of their breaks.


Passing clinics will be held from Mid-April through the end of the summer at different locations across the state of Texas.
Quarterbacks will get elite training from our quarterback coaches, while wide receivers and tight ends will go through a series of drills that will allow you to get in and out of breaks more efficiently. The goal is that from the time you show up until the time you leave, you will be a much more complete player. Route runners will learn to sink hips and run crisp routes, while quarterbacks will be able to move around in the pocket and spin the rock more efficiently. 


Jaxon Shipley